Sunday, July 31, 2011

Appu completed the Pirate picture with Cryons, Paint, Sketch Pen and Whitener (correction fluid)... He experimented with light and shade to enhance the effects. The gadgets used by him are, torchlight, 2 umbrellas and the natural darkness during 9 pm.
This is the first effect...
This is another effect with a little adjustment in metering which is available in the Nikon Coolpix L21 and is easy for any child to do...
Appu with the picture...

Appu with the equipments used to achieve these effects... Asimple torchlight, 2 umbrellas, etc..


  1. That's a great painting! I admire how your pirate has such character and boldness. And the photo of the little fellow under the bed is adorable! What fun! And how wonderful that you are fostering this little one's creativity!

  2. Great painting! Wonderful to be working out the lighting and understanding the effect it has on faces. Awesome.

  3. thanks katherine and nora for the kind words...

  4. Appu's painting is beautiful.Thank you for taking the time out to comment in my blog!

  5. Appu is talented and clever :) great job on jack sparrow!